Whats Going On…

Things are finally heading in the right path, and I couldn’t be happier! Over the past few months I have collaborated with Tyna at Vintage Girl Studios. Tyna, who has a deep passion for photography and vintage anything, owns Krzystyna Harber Photography and was a co-founder of Providence Pinup but left last spring and created VGS. Her attention to detail and dedication exceeds all expectations, plus the warmth and comfort she brings to the set is  just delightful. For those of you who havent heard of Vintage Girl Studios, its a pin-up and vintage based company [also specializing in wedding, commercial, and event photography] offering packages which include hair and makeup [where we come in] and a photography session. So, in other words you get dolled up and get your picture taken! Who doesnt love being pampered like that, not the mention the confidence it brings. As the year goes on I hope I can continue to work with Tyna and VGS, so far its been a blast!

Some other exciting news is the new website which I just finished. You can visit it at Lady-Luck-Boutique.com. Let me know what you think! And if you are one of many who have had the pleasure of working with me, leaving a little testimonial will be greatly appreciated!!


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